You need to post a sign in English in your shop, but you’re worried about the grammar. You want to change the English tagline on your website, but you’re not sure if it sounds awkward. You think the English spelling of your business name is correct, but you aren’t 100% sure. You want to be professional, but you’re not going to go to the trouble of hiring someone just to ask them a quick question. But you don’t know where to get the help you need.

Help is here! DC CopyPro is launching a…

brand new

completely free

no strings attached

English Copywriting / English Proofreading Consulting Service! 

A vector image of a sign with the text special sale only this week shop now, representing a sign a Korean shop owner might need to display with the assistance of someone familiar with English copywriting
  • Adding a single item to your menu and want to check the English?
  • Making a new sign for your business and want to make sure the English is perfect?
  • Creating a banner for an opening event and need to check the English text quickly?
  • Need to make sure you’ve used the right translation in your tag line?
  • Putting English on your packaging and want to make sure it sounds natural?
  • Don’t want people laughing at the English displayed in your business?

These are small, quick jobs. They aren’t worth the bother of hiring a professional English copywriter or proofreader. You just have a quick question and need a quick answer.

DC CopyPro will give you the help you need. And all for the low, low price of ₩0! All you have to do to take advantage of this free service is contact me!

A photo of a woman using a smart phone, representing how a client may contact me for my free English copywriting or English proofreading services

How can you contact me?

I guarantee you’ll hear from me within 24 hours. There’s a very good chance you’ll receive a reply within an hour or two. If I’m in front of my computer, I’ll get back to you ASAP! 

Don’t make these mistakes—English errors seen in Korea (and around the world)

DC CopyPro has compiled and will share examples of real English errors spotted mainly in Korea (with some examples from around the globe). The purpose of these posts is not to ridicule (though we may share a good laugh) but to educate. 

Instead of making fun of these English errors, DC CopyPro will be highlighting the problems and providing suggestions on how to fix them. Learn from the mistakes of others. Don’t make the same mistakes yourself.

DC CopyPro has collected +350 examples of mistakes and awkward English on signs, menus, clothing, and product packaging. And this list continues to grow. These examples will be posted, with suggested corrections, on Instagram. Follow DC CopyPro on Instagram for free tips on English mistakes to avoid.

Got an example of English that could be improved? 

More than half of the +350 examples DC CopyPro has amassed have been generous submissions.  If you have a picture of a typo in a sign or a menu, or a humorous mistranslation, or poor choice of words for a product or business—send it to me! I won’t promise to use it, but if I share it in my Instagram feed, you will get full credit for the submission (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

An image of a sign posted in a Korean beauty salon with the English incorrectly written as Hair ectension. An example of how my free English copywriting and English proofreading services can help.

The only rules for submitting images are:

  • It must be your image. I can’t use screenshots or photos from the web.
  • You give me permission to use the photo in my Instagram feed. I will credit you and tag you on Instagram if you like. If you don’t want to be credited, I’ll credit you as “anonymous”—no risk involved!
  • The picture must include a typo, misspelling, grammar mistake, or poor translation—in English!
  • Pictures can be from anywhere (not just Korea).

If you’d like to send me an image, please use this form. You’ll have to complete a new form for each image you submit.

Be sure to follow DC CopyPro on Instagram for examples of mistakes to avoid and how to fix them.

A vector image of a woman gesturing to a piece of paper titled user guide and a large question mark. Introduces the  ideas that there are limits to my free English copywriting and English proofreading services

DC CopyPro, could you just check all the English on my site quickly?


This free English Consulting service does NOT cover …

  • …proofreading your entire site.
  • …checking your 24-page booklet of English instructions for a product you sell.
  • …copy editing your entire 47-item English menu.
  • …proofreading and suggesting edits to your sales email.
  • …doing your English homework for you.

You can HIRE me to do all those things (except the homework thing). I provide all those services and would be happy to help you. Just contact me and I’ll provide you with a personalized quote.

Whether you have a quick question about English or would like a quote for a possible project, help is only a quick message away!

Fill out this form to start the conversation. 

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