When creating your English site or content, you may feel comfortable enough with your English skills that you don’t need a professional. But if you aren’t using a professional English copywriter or English proofreader, you could be harming your brand more than you realize. Here are six reasons you should use a professional English copywriter or proofreader.

A professional English copywriter delivers more than error-free English

Even if your English is flawless, there’s more to crafting compelling copy than error-free writing. Natural, flowing, grammatically correct English is a good start. But there’s a reason native English speakers hire copywriters—it’s a specialized skill set. 

An English copywriter working on a laptop with the same copy appearing on a tablet and smartphone next to it on a desk.

A good copywriter knows how to get your brand message across effectively. Professional copywriters know the best way to connect with your audience to build your brand’s reputation, increase trust in your brand, and engage potential customers. If you’re wondering why your English website isn’t converting, a professional English copywriter can help.

Using a professional English copywriter is less stressful for you

You may feel like you don’t trust anyone else with your brand. But you need to look for opportunities to delegate tasks. Do you want the stress of having to double-check grammar rules and spelling in a second language? Do you want to worry whether awkward English is doing your brand more harm than good? 

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Choose a reputable English copywriter. Get a recommendation from someone you trust, or find someone with a proven track record. Testimonials from previous clients state why they were satisfied with my work. On Upwork, a popular site for hiring freelancers, I have

  • A 100% job success score.
  • A 5-star rating.
  • A Top Rated Plus badge (meaning I represent the top 3% of performers).

I also post daily on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In these daily posts, I highlight awkward English and mistakes. Then I provide ways to improve the English copy. This provides potential clients with a solid body of work, shows I have a knack for identifying problems and offering solutions, and proves my writing is high quality and error-free.

Hiring a professional freelance English copywriter saves you time

We’re all busy, and our to-do lists aren’t getting any shorter. Writing in a second language tends to be more time consuming than writing in your native language. Furthermore, educating yourself about English copywriting and how it may differ from your native language copywriting strategies will also take time and effort. The first time we do something new, it usually takes longer than someone who’s done it hundreds of times.

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Do you know the strategies English copywriters and designers use when creating a website? Translating your Korean site into English will likely be ineffective. Don’t agree? Compare the Google homepage with the Naver homepage. They look pretty different, don’t they? What’s the difference between listings for Galaxy Buds 2 Pro on Amazon and Coupang? A professional English copywriter is aware of these differences and will be able to draft more effective English copy for your site.

Why not let someone who has put the time and effort into their craft help you? With a proper briefing on your needs, a professional copywriter can deliver quality English copy. If you decide you only need to have your English copy proofread, a skilled English proofreader will be able to return error-free copy in a day or two, depending on the length.

Choosing to work with a professional English copywriter saves you money

How often do you need to update your website’s main page, restaurant menu, or sales brochure? You usually don’t need to update these assets very often. Copywriters and proofreaders use tools to assist them. Free tools are good when you start out. But paid versions of popular tools, like Grammarly and Wordtune, offer more functionality. I used the free versions of these tools when I started out. But as a professional copywriter and proofreader, I decided to upgrade to the paid versions to help me craft more effective copy.

A clock next to 3 stacks of coins, indicating that hiring a professional copywriter can save you time and money.

Grammarly Premium runs US $30/month, and Wordtune is US $24.99/month. You could buy both versions and then spend time setting them up and learning how to use them. Or, you could pay me to craft and edit your copy using tools I know how to use—in my native language. And don’t forget to factor in the time it will take you to write your copy, edit it, and proofread it.

Should you work with a freelance English proofreader or become a Jack of all trades?

How good you are at proofreading? Did you catch the mistake in the previous sentence? I spent +25 years teaching English. One aspect of that involved looking for and correcting errors in English. I use tools like Grammarly and built-in spellcheckers to find mistakes. But I also use other proofreading techniques. Proofreading is a skill that requires more than being a native speaker of that language.

A frustrated business owner has his head in his hands because he's bitten off more than he can chew.

Can you learn how to craft copy that converts and become a competent proofreader? Of course! But do you have time for that? Are there other areas of your business that more urgently demand your attention? How often will you use these new skills, and will the investment in time and energy to learn them be worth it? Only you can answer those questions.

Knowing when to ask a professional copywriter for help is a sign of wisdom, not weakness

As a proud business owner, you may feel no one else will put the time and effort into developing your brand as you do. And you’re right. But trying to do everything on your own is less effective than hiring a professional.

A semi-hollow body guitar in a repair shop for a proper setup.

I know how to do minor repairs and a setup of my guitar. I taught myself how to do the basics so I wouldn’t have to pay someone else. But I still take my guitar to a professional luthier once or twice a year. Why?

  • My guitar always sounds, feels, and plays better than after I do my own setup.
  • I don’t worry that he’ll damage my guitar, though I often fear my inexperience will.
  • He can complete tasks in minutes that take me hours.
  • He has the right (and costly) tools for the job I don’t have.
  • He’s much more experienced and skilled than I am. 

I can keep my guitar playing fairly well on my own. But when I want to make a significant upgrade or ensure it has been properly set up, I go to a professional. You likely don’t need a full-time English copywriter, but consulting with one on major projects could be precisely the thing your brand needs.

A male English proofreader slapping his forehead in frustration knowing he made a silly mistake.

One more proofreading challenge—did you notice I only gave five benefits to hiring a professional English copywriter or proofreader? Grammarly didn’t catch that, but a competent proofreader would have! 😜 Convinced you don’t need a proofreader?  See if you’re up to the challenge.

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