Cristian Bucur - Photographer

I know Dean since I lived in South Korea and although I am a non-native English speaker, I always have noticed his impeccable speeches and elegant expressions, no matter the occasion.

After moving to Japan, I started my portrait business, and like every other photographer, I needed a website up and running. After working countless hours on it, I realized that I need the touch of a native English speaker.

After doing a little research, to my surprise, I found that my friend Dean (whom I knew is a long-life English teacher) is doing English Copyrighting & Proofreading.

After exchanging a couple of messages where I explained what I wanted, Dean has e-mailed me a list of questions so he could understand what it is that my business means at its core.

From there, it was a “piece of cake” for Dean: he worked out on every single page on my website and rewrote every text to fit my needs and serve my clients better.

In a day and age where everyone is looking for perfection, the thought that the text on my website is not entirely “bulletproof” always worried me. Thanks to Dean, I now know a few tips and tricks, and I am proud to have a perfect photography website with full galleries and plenty of excellent grammar text to fit every visitor’s taste.

Thank you Dean! (Facebook Review)