It was a pleasure to work with DC CopyPro, he was very attentive to our requests and provided a very fast and professional service. I will definitely use Dean’s services again and I recommend him to everyone. (Facebook Review)

Natalia Yakunina

He is very professional in translating and proofreading your English articles. 100% recommend. 영문 번역과 검수에 매우 최적화된 서비스를 제공합니다. 매우 프로페셔널하니 믿고 맡기셔도 될듯! (Facebook Review)

Lee Woo Yong

DC CopyPro is very professional, extremely detail oriented proofreader with great, easy going friendly attitude. We are impressed with his work and will certainly continue our collaboration! (Facebook Review)


회사 홍보 자료물을 영어로 번역한 뒤 영어 첨삭이 필요했는데 Dean Comeau에게 의뢰하여 최상의 품질로 영어 버전을 완성할 수 있었습니다. 알아보기 쉽게 꼼꼼히 코멘트를 적어주면서 영어를 검수해주어 좋았습니다. 앞으로도 영어 첨삭이 필요할 때 Dean에게 맡기려고 합니다. (Facebook Review)


He’s really kind and all the proofreading process is very smooth. I got help for my mobile application description and official website. It is really helpful because it is significantly important as a language learning application provider, It may not be acceptable that some mistake on the official pages.

Many service providers is just requiring the material which they need, but he makes client be very relief and return feedback and guide in every stage. Every service owner know the proofed text is essentially important as a trust. So, I’d recommend to make not hesitation, and just contact to him, definitely! After written this, I realize it sounds to be a kind of advertising, but it’s not. I really like to send an appreciation to him. (Facebook Review)

Fredric Cliver

Stellar copy writer and proofreader. Fast, professional, and well-educated. I will definitely hire him again. (Feedback from Upwork client)

Upwork Client (Blog Editing)

Cristian Bucur - Photographer

I know Dean since I lived in South Korea and although I am a non-native English speaker, I always have noticed his impeccable speeches and elegant expressions, no matter the occasion.

After moving to Japan, I started my portrait business, and like every other photographer, I needed a website up and running. After working countless hours on it, I realized that I need the touch of a native English speaker.

After doing a little research, to my surprise, I found that my friend Dean (whom I knew is a long-life English teacher) is doing English Copyrighting & Proofreading.

After exchanging a couple of messages where I explained what I wanted, Dean has e-mailed me a list of questions so he could understand what it is that my business means at its core.

From there, it was a “piece of cake” for Dean: he worked out on every single page on my website and rewrote every text to fit my needs and serve my clients better.

In a day and age where everyone is looking for perfection, the thought that the text on my website is not entirely “bulletproof” always worried me. Thanks to Dean, I now know a few tips and tricks, and I am proud to have a perfect photography website with full galleries and plenty of excellent grammar text to fit every visitor’s taste.

Thank you Dean! (Facebook Review)

Cristian Bucur

mile high shred metal and rock guitar lessons

DC CopyPro took my VERY poor sales page for a metal guitar rhythm instruction course, and gave it that professional quality I couldn’t do on my own. Sales did in fact increase! Working with DC was very easy. All concerns and goals I presented were always listened to, and respected. (Facebook Review)

Mile High Shred