Worried awkward English and poor grammar are wrecking your brand?

If not, you should be. As a professional English copywriter, I can help you avoid many of the negative effects poor copy has on your business.

  • Poorly written English is a hallmark of scams—instantly eroding trust in your brand.
  • Bad grammar & typos show a lack of professionalism—turning clients off immediately.
  • On-page errors severely impact SEO—leading to fewer views & a higher bounce rate.
A picture of a man who is stressed because English copywriting and proofreading is painful

Need better copy but don’t know how? DC CopyPro to the rescue

There aren’t enough hours in the day to run your business and perfect your webpage. Second-guessing yourself about English grammar and word choices only adds to your stress. DC CopyPro, an English copywriting service in Seoul, knows how to engage customers with natural, flowing English.

Compelling copy is about more than proper English—but it’s the bare minimum

I’ve spent over two decades spotting and correcting errors in English. I spot typos and unnatural English in ads, on websites, and in subtitles all the time while going about my day. I can’t turn it off.

You won’t get stiff, boring copy full of highfalutin (i.e. pretentious) grammar and phrases. You will get your message, in your style, and in your voice—all written in natural, engaging, error-free English.

A picture of an English copywriter writing natural and actionable copy for a client

Don’t hesitate—improve your site and get more clicks now

Present your product in the best possible light. Let me:

  • Find annoying typos and grammar mistakes, making your site more professional.
  • Ensure the English on your site flows naturally, establishing your credibility.
  • Make sure your site uses the right keywords, improving your SEO rankings.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

  • Do you need help rewriting an entire site? 
  • Want to check if your slogan sounds awkward in English? 
  • Require an introductory email written from scratch? 
  • Want me to proofread a landing page for peace of mind?

I can help with all that—and more. Get in touch using the form below to get a quote or request free English consulting.