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2021 k—pop universe contest / 세계관 공모전

The English version of this announcement poster was created by using the initial English translation and automated translation tools. Based on that information, I then edited the English to ensure it sounded natural and flowed, while remaining true to the Korean text. (In the version I submitted, ‘synopsis’ was capitalized, Synopsis)

이 포스터는 기존에 다른 사람이 자동 번역기를 참조해 번역한 영어 번역문이 있었는데 그것을 토대로 원문 한국어의 뜻을 그대로 전달하면서 더 자연스러운 영어로 고친 것입니다. (제가 제출한 영문에선 ‘synopsis’가 아니라 ‘Synopsis’였습니다.)

K-pop universe contest English version
K-pop universe contest Korean version

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Cristian Bucur is a talented portrait photographer based in Japan. He specializes in all sorts of portrait photography, ranging from child and couple portraits, to pet and vacation portraits.

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